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Alberto Favaro is an architect currently residing in Malta. His architectural work has always been accompanied by artistic research, with the intent to question and problematize space. He makes use of different mediums to express his work such as drawing and printing of imaginary architecture, photography, art installations.

His most recent investigations about spatiality of borders were presented in Mdina (Malta) as an art performance and photographic installation entitled “Geography Of Life” as part of Utopian Nights 2018, at St James Cavalier in Valletta (Malta) with the installation "Do not cross" as part of the Exhibition "To Be Defined" and the installation "Inside The Border" made in collaboration with Elise Billiard Pisani for the Mahalla Festival in Valletta.

In 2019/20 he participated at the first and second edition of Momentum with the site-specific installations “Just Waste”.and "greetings form a wall. He also created the multimedia installation "The fifth day" for the Biennale of Mdina 2020.


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